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Our Products:

Chemlime provides our customers with two separate products.

* Carbide Lime Slurry - a by-product from the generation of acetelyne gas. Carbide slurry is an economical, hydrated lime, delivered by tankwagon direct from the producer of acetelyne gas. We have numerous producers of this product up and down the East Coast as well as the Mid-West region of the United States.

* Commercial High-Calcium Lime Slurry - Chemlime purchases quick-lime or hydrated lime from three different sources. We then slake, mix and store this product. After we settle the lime slurry, it is then transported to our customers.

Both of these lime products are sold on a delivered, dry solids basis, in tankwagons of pproximately 4,500 gallons at 35% solids content, or 9 to 10 dry tons.

A typical analysis would contain:
Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)(% by weight) 90-93%.

Suggested application include:
Steel: Neutralization of pickle liquors

Heavy Chemicals

Paper: Lime bleach and recausticization


Gas stream scrubbing from various incineration applications

Sewerage treatment

Neutralization of acid soils

General acid and waste neutralization

lime slurry